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Big Luxury at Marrakech's Smallest 5-Star Hotel

The Executive Suite. All photos courtesy of La Sultana Marrakech. Fathom hotel hopper Liza Foreman checks into one of the smallest, best, and hardest-to-find hotels in Marrakech. MARRAKECH – La Sultana Marrakech is a hidden five-star gem. So hidden that if you didn't know where to find it on the main drag in the Kasbah, you might miss it. Look for bellboy in the regal red jacket guarding the entrance, beyond which lies the opulent hotel with a swimming pool, lovely roof terrace, and a multitude of nooks and crannies and tucked-away courtyards. The award-winning property, which has earned accolades galore, is a fantastic labyrinth made up of five adjoining riads, a place where you could easily get lost for...

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